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Gum disease can be a difficult thing to deal with because it not only causes pain and inflammation, but it can also result in loss of teeth. Oftentimes, gum disease can affect the bone. It is usually caused by plaque that is not removed by daily brushing and flossing. Plaque builds up and can infect the gum tissue.

Need to tackle gum disease and avoid losing teeth? Call our team today.

If you are unsure whether or not you have gum disease, the symptoms are usually noticeable. These symptoms may include inflammation or tenderness, bleeding during brushing, longer looking teeth, or constant bad breath.


Our Winter Springs Dentists Can Help

At Collins Dental, our Winter Springs dentists have spent our career helping individuals achieve maximum, optimal health for their teeth and gums. Should you be experiencing the early stages of gum disease, it is important to properly brush and floss to avoid plaque buildup in your mouth. If the plaque has already begun to build up and harden into tartar, you may need a professional cleaning. This is the best way to remove the tartar from the gums.

When you require caring, world-class service, you can turn to our team at Collins Dental. We are dedicated to helping our patients get the smile they want. We understand that gum disease can be something that worries you, but we want you to understand that it can be fixed. Before it becomes a problem, come into our office and speak with our dentists regarding a deep cleaning.

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