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What are Six Month Smiles® Braces?

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As individuals grow older, the appeal for braces becomes minimal. This is because most braces become the focal point when you smile, and it is something people notice most. Do you want to straighten your teeth without having traditional braces or porcelain veneers? Consider the braces from Six Month Smiles®.

Traditional braces not only focus on straightening the teeth, but they are also used to perfect the bite. This additional focus is what makes the length of time for traditional braces around two years. Because Six Month Smiles® is focused solely on straightening the teeth that show when you smile, the process is usually only six months long, with a longer case taking around nine months.

Does it damage my teeth?

We understand that patients may have questions and concerns regarding Six Month Smiles® and if the faster process is damaging to the teeth. The fact is, Six Month Smiles® moves the teeth at the same speed as traditional braces, so while it may seem like it's happening faster and damaging your teeth in the long term, it's the same process, but less surface area. Six Month Smiles® braces have one focus, and one focus only: straighten your front teeth.

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Our Winter Springs dentists encourage you to come into our dental office and discuss if Six Month Smiles® is right for you. If the bite of your teeth is something that needs to be corrected to help any other issues, traditional braces may be the best option, but if your front teeth just need to be straightened, Six Month Smiles® braces can help.

Still unsure if these are the right braces for you? Call us today. We are available extended hours for your convenience. Discuss your needs with our Winter Springs dentists and schedule your free consultation today.

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