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Congratulations to all of our Dear Mom Contest winners!

First Place-


Dear Mom Competition

Our grand prize winner for the "Dear Mom" writing contest, Diana, and her mother, Jennifer came in to collect their prize! Congratulations, Jennifer! We hope you enjoy the spa package at Hand & Stone. You deserve it! And, Diana, you are a wonderful daughter and young lady! Your writing was beautiful, and you are so sweet and thoughtful to take the time to make sure your mother received recognition for her hard work. Looks like she is doing an excellent job raising a wonderful girl.

Mother's Day

Second Place-


Dear Mom Winner

Lesley, second place letter winner, picks up her flowers from Winter Springs Florist to bring to Dana. Thank you for your letter, Lesley, and thank you, Dana, for all you do for your children! Enjoy the flowers! :)

Contest Mother's Day



Winner 2

3rd place letter winner, Maria, picks up flowers for her Mother, Aracelis, from Winter Springs Florist. We loved reading your letter, Maria! Aracelis, you are an inspiration! Enjoy the well deserved flowers.

Happy Mother's Day